What makes our Tortillas different?

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    Less Calories
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    Vegetables in every Tortilla
  • %
    Recommended daily amount of fiber per Tortilla
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    Vegan Tortillas

Healthy living is the basis of a long, positive and happy life.

We believe you can eat slightly healthier without the need to radically change your eating behavior.

No Fairytales develops tastier products by enriching familiar and frequently consumed food products with a substantial amount of vegetables.

With small steps towards a healthier diet.

No Fairytales.


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Hamburger buns & Indulge bun

  • Hamburger buns in two flavors: Bell Pepper-Chili & Tomato-Onion
  • Indulge bun in Carrot-Anise flavor
  • Each bun is made with 33% vegetables
  • Tomato-Onion bun with residual tomatoes from the Netherlands
  • Available at Albert Heijn in The Netherlands

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Tortillas made with 4 different vegetables

  • Carrot, beetroot, kale and bell pepper-chili
  • With 45% vegetables and a source of fiber, 100% vegan
  • Available in The Netherlands at Albert Heijn, Jumbo, Plus, Spar and Deen
  • You can find this product in the cooler at grocery stores
  • Check all the ingredients here

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Cold filled Tortilla

  • Three variants. Two are made with ‘Vegetarian Butcher’ meat
  • Available at Albert Heijn-to-go and Albert Heijn city shops
  • Smokey beef: carrot tortilla with vegetarian minced meat
  • Spicy Tuna: beet tortilla with vegetarian tuna
  • Pulled Chicken: bel pepper tortilla with chicken

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